Agis of Asticles


Agis is an influential noble from the wealthy Asticles family and a powerful psionicist in his own right. One of the leading voices in the Senate under Kalak, Agis became frustrated by the noble Senate’s uselessness in effecting change under the evil sorcerer-king. As a patrician, he envisioned a government run by educated noble senators, but dared not speak out lest Kalak attaint him and confiscate his family’s lands. Eventually, his slave Sadira convinced him to free her (and his other slaves) and he became part of the plot to overthrow Kalak, enlisting his old friend Tithian of Mericles when necessary. Agis’ efforts to bring the nobles onto the side of the rebellion were crucial, as many were bitter about being deprived of their slaves and disdainful of the “common people” who were rising to power. Now, he sits on the Revolutionary Council as the representative of the nobility.

Agis is rumored to be romantically involved with Sadira.


Agis of Asticles

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