Cruvan is an itinerant eladrin elemental priest of wind. He travels the Tablelands ministering to the people of Urik and the surrounding areas, providing them with wind-blessings and dodging the periodic crackdowns of King Hamanu.

Cruvan has spent the past couple of weeks preaching to the soldiers stationed at the watchtower atop Hamanu’s Hill. The soldiers barely tolerate him, and at times seem more interested in his prayers and worship (piping, pinwheels, and the like) as entertainment rather than as sacred rituals. However, the fact that they have not seized and imprisoned him (as Hamanu’s Law dictates for elemental priests) shows that the old respect for the elements among the common folk still lives on in some form.

After the Zatla Cowboys attacked the watchtower, Cruvan prayed with them and requested the soldiers’ corpses be placed atop the tower to be battered by the winds as long as possible. He told them the words of the wind before slipping away.


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