Druze of Mericles is a cousin of Tithian’s who lives in one of the family’s Tyrian townhouses. Keen on the gladiatorial games (and the associated gambling), before the fall of Kalak Druze was known for maintaining one of Tyr’s best gladiator stables, buying slaves widely and producing several grand champions, most notably Rikus and Neeva. Since the abolition of slavery, Druze has struggled to transition his stable to a profitable gym.

While spending a few months in Altaruk, Druze imported some of his fighters and called them “The Mericles Maulers”, having them fight daily in Bloodsand Arena, hoping to make a name for the Mericles stables. On 27 Sorrow, the Maulers were defeated (and Korgil the Raver killed) by the “Zatla Cowboys”, which include one of Druze’s former slaves, Bost.

The Zatla Cowboys uncovered Druze as an organizer of a mercenary payment of the Dragon’s levy and reported him to the Revolutionary Council. King Tithian, furious, had him thrown into the dungeons; some weeks later, when Rikus returned to the city and found out what Druze had done, he entered the dungeons and beat Druze soundly.


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