General Akkad


Born into the Akkad merchant house, Kidu Akkad did not demonstrate an aptitude for business, shirking his lessons and instead spending time at the gladiator pits in Urik, sparring with the slave gladiators and building up his skills. He left his House and joined the Urikite military, rising through the ranks by dint of his skill and intelligence.

General Akkad was the mul commander of the Urikite legion that achieved victory over the Nibenese in the Battle of the Black Wash, many years ago. For his victory, he was awarded a Golden Lion of Urik and an estate in a posh area of Urik. However, he rejected the estate, asking instead for a more modest home in Makla. For the past decade, he has rarely been seen outside that home.

Akkad was tortured by his decision to allow Templar Abad to use a powerful ritual to crack the Rim of Dawn volcano and annihilate the Nibenese force (also annihilating his vanguard, which was commanded by his lover Drewet). Hurling the bronze helm she gave him the night before the battle into the Lake of Golden Dreams, he attempted to forget the past. However, when confronted by the Zatla Cowboys about the ongoing haunting in the Black Wash, Akkad agreed to travel back and confront his past. Seizing his heirlom black iron khopesh, he travelled with the Zatla Cowboys to the Black Wash and found the undead Drewet waitined for him. Convinced by the Zatla Cowboys that he had made the right choice and was motivated by patriotism rather than a desire for glory, he proved himself to Drewet by fighting alongside her against the Cowboys. Quietly exposing his neck during the battle, he allowed Bost to kill him, ending the haunting.

General Akkad

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