Tithian of Mericles (styled King Tithian I) is the first king of free Tyr.

Scion of the wealthy and powerful Mericles family, Tithian was a close friend of Agis of Asticles. He joined the templars as a young man (scandalizing many nobles, who saw it as a class betrayal). An unexpected responsibility was thrust upon him when his older brother (the family heir) died suddenly, leaving him in control of the Mericles estates. He soon rose to become Master of the Games and Public Works and one of Kalak’s most important and powerful High Templars. As Kalak’s behavior became increasingly erratic, Tithian became instrumental in the plot of the Heroes to assassinate him, and used his influence to facilitate the plan’s success. When Kalak was killed, Tithian was raised to King of Tyr in his place and issued the famous First Edict freeing the slaves.

Tithian remains enormously popular, especially among the working classes of Tyr. In the first year of his reign, many Tyrians worried about the economy of Tyr, crime in the streets, and the approaching Dragon’s levy, but Tithian has shown an ability to broker compromises that have, so far, kept Tyr stable and safe. Recently, his decision to re-establish diplomatic relations with the Dragon—and allow dray into his court and army—have provoked fresh debate.

Tithian has moved aggressively against The True, filling Tyr’s dungeons with its members and executing many.

King Tithian has announced that he will be Tyr’s last king; after his death, the Senate will be restored (with the Beryl family contributing the first Senate “president”) to rule the city.



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