Choum's chit


17 Sorrow, Year of the Wind’s Reverence

Choum of House Shom, Tyrian branch, warrants that ten thousand (10,000) dragons are owed to the five (5) individuals inscribed below. The payment was largely for a precious sword, crafted of rosy white stone, with a copper hilt inscribed with designs of creatures of the lost seas and a large ruby, entered into House Shom’s ledger as TW771 Sword of the Lost Seas.

Birel Windchaser, elf of pretty Face, Nibenese accented
Vilsis, eladrin of the bow, Crescent Forest accented
Zuri, amber-colored shardmind, origin unknown
Bost, mul brute of Tyr, once a Gladiator
Chat’G’Hak, also known as Dazeel, Orchid of the Desert, thri-kreen performer with a white carapace and rosy features, Tyrian

Choum of House Shom attests to the validity of these five (5) claims.
Note: Choum’s chit was lost in the implosion of the Mahindrazal and subsequent scattering of equipment to the winds.

Choum's chit

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