The Golden Lion of Urik


Urik’s highest honor, awarded only to its greatest heroes, is the Golden Lion. Recipients of the Golden Lion are assured a lifetime of deference, respect, and pensioned living courtesy of King Hamanu. The Lion itself, a flat plaque of solid gold, is worth well over 100,000 dragons merely by the weight of the gold. It is usually displayed prominently in the home or office of the recipient.

General Akkad received a Golden Lion of Urik after destroying a Nibenese legion during the Nibenay-Urik war a decade ago and bringing an end to the war. Ashamed of the actions he took to ensure his victory, Akkad kept the Golden Lion hidden away in his desk. After his death (assassinated by a Smoking Crown Initiate while cleansing the Black Wash of its haunting), the Golden Lion could not be found.

After arriving in Tyr and shifting the Golden Lion to a more secure place in their packs, the Zatla Cowboys realized that an entire paw of the Lion had been removed. Only then did Dazeel remember Birel asking to use her steel dagger “just to cut something for a moment” shortly before she ran ahead to Tyr…

The Golden Lion of Urik

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