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  • Keema Kish

    Keema Kish is a member of the Urikite merchant [[House Kish | House Kish]] and frequently travels between Tyr and Urik on House business. Unbeknownst to her House, though, Keema is spying on Urik for Tyr. A contact of [[:davith | Davith]] of [[House …

  • Uday Kish

    Uday Kish is the head of [[House Kish | House Kish]] in [[Makla | Makla]]. A modest-sized human with a splendid braided beard, Uday is known to travel back and forth between Makla and Kish's Bloodyfoot camp to manage business.

  • Sazerak Saltcrosser

    Sazerak Saltcrosser is a mercantile-minded member of [[House Kish | House Kish]], and [[:uday-kish | Uday Kish's]] second-in-command of Kish operations in Makla. Descended from the Saltcrosser elf tribe that cross-affiliates with House Kish, Sazerak is a …

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