Dray (dragonborn) are a mysterious race shaped in the image of the Dragon. They serve as his emissaries and representatives to the city-states of Athas and originate far to the east where the world ends and the Dragon dwells.

Each sorceror-king is attended by a quantity of dray, sent to his or her court by the Dragon. Some form a part of the ruler’s retinue and serve as courtiers and advisers; others fill the role of bodyguards; some form elite and specialized companies in the king’s army; some seem to serve no purpose at all, and haunt the palace and even the streets of the city-state, watching and monitoring. More than a hundred dray can be found in each city-state, although the numbers are never fully known (even by the sorceror-king himself), as they are constantly sending small groups back east and receiving new arrivals.

Dray have an extremely strict personal code that includes an absolute proscription against fighting other dray. When sorceror-king armies clash, they usually do not include the dray units that fight with them against bandits, raiders, and the like.

On the night of Kalak’s assassination, the dray of Tyr were conspicuously absent from the arena and, indeed, the city. After Kalak’s death, they did not resurface, and many rumors say they dray were seen heading eastward, fleeing the city, throughout that night. Perhaps more interesting are other rumors intimating that the dray began to be seen leaving Tyr before Kalak’s death, and perhaps even before the gladiatorial games began that day.

On the last day of the Year of Priest’s Defiance, as Tyr prepared for Liberation Day festivities, the city was shocked to witness the arrival of a column of perhaps a hundred dray. They entered through the Grand Gate and went directly into the Golden City; Tyr immediately was abuzz with rumors that they were there to treat with King Tithian. They did not appear during the Liberation Day events.

In the days immediately following Liberation Day, dray representatives reportedly haunted meetings of the Revolutionary Council, negotiating with King Tithian and the powers that be in Tyr. Finally, on 6 Sorrow, the dray emerged into the city, strolling the streets, drinking at broyhouses (albeit huddled together at tables in the darkest corners), and observing the gates as if they had never left. They took up residence in the part of the Golden City known as “Little Draxa”—a block of the Templar’s Quarters that was a mostly-dray neighborhood through Kalak’s reign. A platoon of dray was attached to the Tyrian guard and began to train with them; reportedly Rikus refused a similar unit they requested be placed with the Crimson Legion. A dray stands by Tithian’s side when he holds court, and a small group were seen heading north to the iron mines; over the next few days several more small groups have left out the Caravan Gate and fanned out eastward. Whatever deal Tyr has struck with the Dragon appears to have restored full diplomatic relations.

The dray of Tyr have taken over a small section of the templar’s neighborhood in the Golden City which is being informally referred to as “Little Draxa”. Most of the population on the block of Little Draxa is dray, though they of course maintain servants of other races (who are treated little better than slaves).

After suspicions were raised that the dray had orchestrated the payment of the Dragon’s Levy despite their promises that Tyr would owe no levy this year, Tithian confined the three dray diplomatic representatives to Little Draxa’s diplomatic housing until the matter was fully investigated.

There are several dray who have established themselves close to King Tithian:

Kazimzadeh and Oliquluushagi are the main diplomatic representatives from Ur Draxa; they are always close by King Tithian and it is difficult to tell which one, if any, is superior to the other in rank. Oliquluushagi met with Androcles and provided him with a dragon-magic olivine charm with which to communicate information about the ZCs’ movements, in return for increasing the chance of the dray providing undead war beetle technology to Tyr.

Zalimxan, an experienced arcanist, was suspected of being behind the recent attack on Crimson Legion headquarters (during which Vilsis shot a spirit arrow directly into the cloaked attacker’s face). After the attack, Zalimxan was absent from court for a few weeks, whereupon he returned with a horrible raw scar covering half his face and one eye missing. Because of this, Zalimxan was assassinated by the Zatla Cowboys as he worked at his desk in the dray townhouse.


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