Framework to Unify Tyr

The strike:

  • Rikus will step down as member of the Revolutionary Council.
  • King Tithian will create a seat for the workers, to be filled by citywide election, provisionally held by Uj.
  • Laws against arcane magic will continue to not be enforced.
  • The Veiled Alliance will not receive a seat on the Council.

Magical support for the army:

  • The Veiled Alliance receives nothing substantial now, but promises have been made to press the issue of a VA seat on the Council after they have proven themselves fighting in the war.

Troop contributions:

  • King Tithian has agreed that upon his death, Tyr will be ruled by a Senate; the Beryls will contribute the first Senate “president”.
  • The Beryls will drop their claim to the Fields of Guthay, making way for Qarbjanoob to contribute troops.
  • Agis of Asticles, among others, will vouch for Embl Turax, making way for the Turaxes to contribute troops.
  • The ZCs will pay 50,000gp to the Tyrthanis, making way for the Tyrthanis to contribute troops.

The dray:

  • The dray will not be permitted to march with the Crimson Legion.
  • Reports on the Zatla Cowboys’ movements will contribute greatly to the drays’ decision to provide undead war beetle technology.

Framework to Unify Tyr

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