Game calendar

Check out the Athasian calendar for an explanation of the days, months, and years.

Year of Friend’s Fury (47 years ago)


  • The Dragon attacks Balic, killing thousands and laying waste to large swaths of the city.

Year of the Dragon’s Vengeance (10 years ago)

Nibenay and Urik begin a war which only ends with the annihilation of the Nibenese legion in the northern mountains during the Battle of the Black Wash.

Year of the Mountain’s Slumber (9 years ago)

The Balican Giant War consumes the Balican peninsula. Altaruk is overrun midway through the year.

Year of Friend’s Vengeance


  • 22: Brightspray is overrun by the Red Chord slavers; Bost enslaved and his parents killed

Year of Desert’s Slumber


  • 2: Destruction of the Witchgrove by Nibenese soldiers and escape of Vilsis

Year of the Priest’s Defiance


  • 1: Kalak assassinated in Tyr; Tithian becomes king and issues First Edict
  • 15: Birel Windchaser arrives in Tyr with her caravan and observes wild celebrations and the building of a new society.
  • 16: A Balican silt dromond arrives on the island of Almanzar to claim shardminds for the Dragon’s levy, leading to a battle that results in the obliteration of the shardmind monastery/community of Almanzar and the capture of Zuri.
  • 27: Zuri arrives in Altaruk after escaping from The Olive Vine silt dromond


  • 20: Zuri departs Altaruk on a long, slow wander towards Tyr
  • 30: Bost let go from his job on the Mericles estate


  • 12: Smoking Crown Initiates launch a terrorist attack in Urik, incinerating a streetful of Urikite templars, soldiers, merchants, and commoners.


  • 19: Vilsis comes upon a commemorative statue in the Elven Market of Nibenay, triggering a series of revelations that lead him to leave Nibenay a few days later.
  • 20: Felix finds a strange sword on his farm in Bellinga
  • 21: Felix leaves Bellinga
  • 25: Birel Windchaser arrives in Tyr with her caravan again, after spending the previous year thinking about what she saw on her previous trip
  • 27: Felix arrives in Tyr
  • 28: The Windchaser caravan leaves Tyr bound for Nibenay…without Birel, who has disappeared.
  • 28: Felix meets with House Shom and other merchants; is attacked on his way back to the Golden Inix; departs Tyr that night
  • 29: The Crimson Legion returns to Tyr after weeks afield
  • 30: A column of dray arrives in Tyr and disappears into the Golden Tower

Year of the Wind’s Reverence


  • 1: Liberation Day (1-year anniversary of Kalak’s assassination)
  • 1: Vilsis arrives in Tyr
  • 2: PCs hired by House Shom to track and find Felix
  • 2: PCs depart Tyr
  • 3: PCs ambushed by crystal spiders in the foothills of the Ringing Mountains
  • 3: Felix arrives in Bellinga late at night and sees Elissa; Felix leaves Bellinga bound for the Place of Forgetting
  • 6: The dray emerge from the Golden Tower and become a presence in the streets, markets, and broyhouses of Tyr. A platoon of dray is attached to the Tyrian Guard.
  • 6: A platoon of dray is attached to the Tyrian Guard. Rikus refuses to have a platoon of dray attached to the Crimson Legion.
  • 7: PCs arrive in Bellinga
  • 7: PCs meet Elissa and her parents
  • 7: Over the next few days, small groups of dray leave Tyr and fan out across the region, heading to the iron mines in the north as well as eastward.
  • 8: PCs depart Bellinga
  • 8: PCs attack and kill members of The Red Chord in the foothills near Bellinga
  • 8: PCs arrive at the Place of Forgetting and camp outside the sandstorm.
  • 9: While still in the dark of the morning, the PCs push through the sandstorm and enter the caverns, wiping out the hejkin occupying the tunnels. Spending some time meditating, studying, and exploring, they then rest again and spend the evening of 9 Sorrow killing kruthiks and mapping the Place of Forgetting.
  • 9: The PCs fight throughout the night, killing myconids and members of the Red Chord. Finally, exhausted, they retire to the hejkin lair again to rest, study, and sleep, awakening in the early evening of 10 Sorrow fully refreshed.
  • 10: The PCs kill the silk wyrm adult nesting in the altar room of the Place of Forgetting and retrieve the beautiful sword they were hired to track down.
  • 17: Return of the PCs to Tyr; meet with Rhey and then Choum and turn over the sword
  • 18: Execution of the noble Murter Dyan and two other members of the True; Tithian announces his plan to deny the Dragon his levy again. Rikus survives an assassination attempt by grell assault at the Crimson Legion’s HQ.
  • 18: Birel sends a special present to Nibenay.
  • 19: PCs depart for Altaruk.
  • 21: PCs arrive at the Mahindrazal.
  • 22: The Crimson Legion leaves Tyr without revealing its marching plans to anyone.
  • 22: Orders arrive from Urik to House Stel and other obsidian producers that no new obsidian contracts are to be negotiated
  • 25: A company of Balican soldiers and templars depart Altaruk with Balic’s thousand-slave levy, travelling for most of the day
  • 26: PCs arrive at Altaruk in the early evening and witness Balican legionnaires returning to Altaruk, slaveless, from the southern mountains.
  • 27: PCs triumph over the Mericles Maulers in Bloodsand Arena; Dazeel performs in The Farmer and the Scuppernongs at the Cracked Globe Theatre.
  • 27: (morning) Gulgan ngangas and judagas depart Altaruk with Gulg’s levy
  • 28: PCs hired by Galad Full Moons and begin to guard the slave pens; the Gulgans arrive back in Altaruk without their slaves.
  • 29: Ambush and assassination of Ko-Tok in the early morning hours. Departure of the Night Runners and mercenaries for the Dragon’s Altar, with the Zatla Cowboys attached to the Red Chord squad. Agma is freed from imprisonment. Eenga and the Red Chord slain while on patrol with the Zatla Cowboys in the hills.
  • 30 : The column arrives at the Dragon’s Altar as dawn breaks. The Zatla Cowboys witness the annihilation of a thousand slaves and nearly become victims themselves while rescuing some.


  • 1: Druze of Mericles pays the Night Runners and mercenaries and departs Altaruk for Tyr in the morning. In the evening, the Zatla Cowboys head to Tyr.
  • 8: The Zatla Cowboys arrive in Tyr and meet with Sekh. General Elias arrives and escorts them to the Golden Tower to meet with the Revolutionary Council.
  • 9: Druze of Mericles meets with the Revolutionary Council in a closed session; by the afternoon, word has trickled out that he has been imprisoned in Tyr’s dungeons.
  • 11: Zuri meets with the Veiled Alliance and officially forms a cell, Ziggurat Ultra
  • 13: Petal approaches the Crimson Legion HQ and asks to join
  • 21: PCs hear of ssurran attacks on Kolkhaz Qarbjanoob and go to assist the farm
  • 25: Zuri meets with Sadira in her home in the Warrens
  • 26: The PCs meet with Senator Agis at the Asticles estates and are offered a secret and critical mission to help Tyr, but put off accepting
  • 26: The PCs venture into UnderTyr and sneak into the dray townhouse in the Golden City, assassinating the diplomat Zalimxan before fleeing through the tunnels
  • 27: The Crimson Legion returns to Tyr
  • 28: The PCs meet with Keema Kish and accept a mission to Makla
  • 29: The PCs depart Tyr for Makla.

Festival of the Highest Sun (start of the year by the Sun Calendar reckoning)


  • 1: The PCs pass Fort Iron as they continue on to Makla.
  • 2: The PCs reach Silver Spring and decide to circumvent it. Near Bloodyfoot, the genasi K’Tek is captured by Urikites.
  • 8: The PCs pass the Dragon’s Bowl and emerge from the mountains; that evening, they are ambushed by anakores.
  • 10: The PCs arrive at—and skirt—Urik.
  • 13: The PCs pass by Fort Courage.
  • 14: The PCs arrive at Makla and meet with Sazerak Saltcrosser, spending the night at The Climbing Kank.
  • 15: The PCs leave Makla with a supply caravan, heading toward the Bloodyfoot camp.
  • 16: The PCs are ambushed by Smoking Crown Initiates and, despite bad burns, manage to kill them all. They arrive at Bloodyfoot and team up with K’Tek the genasi and ex-Smoking Crown Initiate.
  • 17: The Zatla Cowboys, with K’Tek in tow, descend into the Black Wash. In the Cracked Basalt camp of House Lubar, 70 women and children are burned to death by the Smoking Crown Initiates.
  • 18: The Zatla Cowboys are twice ambushed by burned corpses in the Black Wash.
  • 20: The Zatla Cowboys leave Bloodyfoot to return to Makla for investigations.
  • 21: The Zatla Cowboys arrive in Makla and bed down at the Obsidian Crown, after asking questions around at the Crown and at the Climbing Kank.
  • 22: Spending the day at the Lavaflow, the Zatla Cowboys uncover crucial information about General Akkad and his lover Drewet.
  • 23: Visiting the Lake of Golden Dreams and then returning, Zuri and K’tek spend the day studying rituals while Bost makes snowshoes.
  • 24: The Zatla Cowboys return to the Lake of Golden Dreams and encounter Fa’ar the halfling. Finishing him off and retrieving Drewet’s helm, they return to Makla (encountering Vesuvius the Smoking Crown Initiate along the way) and have a bath and a long sleep.
  • 25: The PCs witness a performance of The Fate of Yaramuke by the King’s Order of Storytellers and also an execution of a dwarven member of the Smoking Crown Initiates, who was behind the recent massacre at Cracked Basalt.
  • 26: The PCs visit with General Akkad and secure his assistance. They visit the Lion’s Mane and trick Templar Ekur into allowing them to take the ritual used to crack the Rim of Dawn ten years ago, then depart for the Black Wash on kanks.
  • 28: The confrontation in the Black Wash occurs in the evening, resulting in the death of General Akkad and the elimination of Drewet and her troops.


  • 1: The party arrives back in Makla and meets Androcles. At Kish HQ, they are surrounded by Urikite soldiers and escape, striking southward into the desert under cover of night.
  • 8: Attacked by halfling rangers in the night!
  • 12: Birel bids the party farewell and runs ahead to Tyr.
  • 13: Halflings attack again. Farmers from Bellinga arrive to assist. The Zatla Cowboys attend the final day of Felix’s wedding feast.
  • 18: The PCs arrive back in Tyr and are immediately escorted to meet with the Revolutionary Council. An incredibly event-filled day ends with the Cowboys spending the night at their very own estate.
  • 19: The ZCs destroy a tembo and thrax menace at their new estate. A grand ball at Blacksun Villa is scheduled, gathering all the nobles together.
  • 21: The day Tithian has ordered that the Tyrian Guard and Crimson Legion be ready to march.
  • 23: General Elias’ forces meet the Urikite legion somewhere between Ft. Skonz and Ft. Iron; they engage, force the Urikites to set up defencive lines, and then retreat southward.
  • 27: The main Tyrian Guard force and the Crimson Legion arrive and a huge battle with the Urikite army ensues. After a day of fighting, both armies pull back without a clear advantage on either side.


  • The Veiled Alliance proves itself in a battle against the Urikite military

Festival of the Cooling Sun

  • The Crimson Legion convinces a Urikite slave legion to come over to the Tyrian side
  • Rikus leads a small force in pursuit of the Family Lubar troops for weeks, culminating in a standoff at the dwarven village of Kled


  • Keyleth Windchaser and several other Windchaser elves are captured while running obsidian shipments for Urik. The Zatla Cowboys notify Birel Windchaser that her sister is in captivity in the Tyrian dungeons.

(Lowsun, the midpoint of the year)


  • After the dray agree to provide Tyr with undead war beetle technology, the Zatla Cowboys participate in a rezhatta hunt.

Festival of the Soaring Sun

  • A friendly fire incident between the Crimson Legion and the Tyrian Guard results in bad feelings and casualties on both sides.


  • The southernmost Tyrian argosy falls to Urikite forces led by Strategos Haamdan, leading to a collapse of the Tyrian forces and the closing of the southern road to Altaruk

Year of the Dragon’s Agitation


  • The Dragon’s Levy is paid out of Urikite captives and managed by Druze of Mericles and the Night Runner elves.
  • The Crimson Legion marches away from the Tyrian Guard in frustration.
    25: The Crimson Legion appears outside Urik

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