Major noble family

The Mericles family is one of Tyr’s ancient noble families. Wealthy and powerful, there are a handful of Mericles branches with dozens of influential cousins scattered throughout Tyrian society, including landowners, templars, military leaders, and dilettantes. Some years ago, tragedy struck the family as its eldest son and heir died suddenly, leaving control of the family’s fortunes to its second son, Tithian. With the elevation of Tithian—a Mericles son—to King after the death of Kalak, the Mericles fortunes have never been higher. However, a recent embarrassment has dinged the family’s reputation and led to rumors of infighting as King Tithian had his cousin Druze thrown into Tyr’s dungeons for an unspecified crime.

The Mericles family owns an expansive estate outside the walls of Tyr whose fields and holdings produce a fine income. Additionally, they own a handful of townhouses in Tyr proper and control a not-inconsiderable private militia.

The Mericleses have intermarried with most of Tyr’s other noble families and some noble families in other city-states. They were faithful supporters of Kalak’s policies before the revolution, but rapidly (and wisely) adopted new attitudes as Tithian rose to the kingship. Once deeply invested in owning fighting gladiatorial slaves—Rikus himself once belonged to the Mericles family—a branch of the family, led by Druze, is now attempting to refashion its business as a for-profit gladiatorial training stable.


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