The Crimson Legion

The Crimson Legion is the name of the elite Tyrian unit formed by ex-gladiators after the fall of Kalak and the freeing of the slaves. It consists of around a thousand soldiers, mostly freed gladiators from Tyr’s pits but also including a substantial minority of ex-gladiators who had fled or been freed from other city-states, coming to Tyr after hearing of the Legion. While Tyr’s gladiatorial games still occur (with free, paid warriors participating), many ex-gladiators preferred to leave that life, and most either joined the Legion or became private guards. The Legion was formed as a subsection of the Guard Afield, but the command structure of the Tyrian Guard has shifted considerably in the past year.

The symbols of the Crimson Legion include a purple double-ended spear (a representation of the spear Rikus used to kill Kalak, which he no longer seems to own) and a set of broken chains.

The Crimson Legion is led by Rikus, the famous gladiator who threw the spear that killed Kalak. In theory, Rikus reports to the head of the Tyrian military, but in practice his popularity means he enjoys almost total autonomy in commanding the Legion. He has shown himself to be a skilled commander in campaigns against slavers, raiders, and others who would threaten peace in the area around Tyr, but the undisciplined Legion has yet to prove itself in formal battle against the organized armies of the sorceror-kings.

Rikus’ commanders include his former matched-pair partner Neeva, the half-giant Gaanon, and the half-elf wizard gladiator Sekh. They often meet in what used to be the mansion of former Strategos Haamdan (which is now the de facto Legion leadership headquarters).

Two days before Liberation Day (on 29 Wind), the Crimson Legion returned to Tyr from slaver-fighting in the deserts to huge cheering. Of course, Rikus would be a huge part of the celebrations and commemorations, and the ex-gladiators of the Legion were keen to be back in the city to celebrate as well.

The Crimson Legion

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