The Revolutionary Council of Tyr

The Revolutionary Council of Tyr was established in the days immediately following the assassination of Kalak and the elevation of Tithian of Mericles to the kingship. It consists of representatives of important segments of Tyrian society and is intended to help build Athas’ first government that is not a tyrannical dictatorship.

The Council consists of seven councillors (who share a rotating chairmanship) and up to a dozen observers, assistants, and the like who do not have a full role in its decisions.

The sectors of society represented on the Council are:

The seventh seat on the Council was occupied by Rikus, the mul ex-gladiator who sparked the revolution by hurling the spear that killed Kalak. He doesn’t have a constituency and doesn’t even show much enthusiasm for governance; he was a member of the Council because he remains the single most recognizable, beloved, and charismatic Hero the revolution has produced, joining the Council in the first days after Kalak’s death and helping to win the support of the people. As the commander of the Crimson Legion, Rikus was frequently busy and not present at Council meetings. In Morrow of the Year of the Wind’s Reverence, Rikus agreed to give up his seat to allow the creation of a seat for the common laborers, which will be provisionally held by Uj until citywide democratic elections can be held.

The Council representatives are chosen by the consensus of the groups they represent, but much talk has been made of an eventual transition to actual democracy, with representatives elected by the people. Tyr remains a kingdom, and therefore the Revolutionary Council serves mostly an advisory role to the King, who heads the government and creates laws by edict. However, it is influential and commands great respect from the citizenry, and though King Tithian has overruled its recommendations on some minor matters where the vote was close, he has not rejected a unanimous vote of the Council on a major issue.

The Revolutionary Council of Tyr

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