Thri-kreen gear

Thri-kreen, with their mantis-shaped bodies and large abdomens, cannot (and generally would not, anyway) wear most of the gear that a humanoid can. However, thri-kreen have their own styles of gear; in game terms, it can fill item “slots” with enchanted equipment.

Note: Where Obsidian Portal can’t handle the asterisk or dot, the lowercase letter o substitutes for a dot in representing the “pop” sound that forms an important part of thri-kreen language.

┬Ľo-dej (hands or feet slot)
*dej are small discs of bone, chitin, or wood, often intricately decorated; each *dej is composed of two such discs sandwiched together, with several small loops of cord protruding. These loops fit around the base of thri-kreen fingers/toes, allowing the *dej to sit attractively on the back of the hand or foot without impeding claw attacks.

ik-jidz (armor slot)
Ik-jidz are sets of decorative plates, usually made of bone, that can be fitted on a thri-kreen’s abdomen and thorax with small clips or hooks. Though they may provide a small amount of protection if they are thick enough, most thri-kreen wear them for their aesthetic effects.

Thri-kreen can sometimes wear cloth robes made for humanoids, but always modify them with slits for their extra arms, protruding legs, etc. Though untraditional, many city thri-kreen enjoy adopting this “foreign” fashion (like a Westerner living in Riyadh might enjoy wearing a thawb).

zeet (neck slot)
Cloaks do not tend to sit well on thri-kreen. However, a comparable item does exist in thri-kreen society: the zeet, which is a “drape” of sorts that usually attaches around the neck and falls in strands and tangles around the body. Zeet can be made of vines, knotted cloth or hide, or even hair. They are supremely non-restricting and serve little function other than giving a thri-kreen places to hook small items and pouches.

hozi (head slot)
Though thri-kreen do not wear helmets or hats, some do affix hozi to their faces, especially during a hunt. Hozi are almost like muzzles, fitting over a thri-kreen’s jaw-snout and knotting on the back of their head. Unlike muzzles, however, hozi have a large hole in the front and do not restrict the kreen’s bite in the slightest; in fact, they allow the kreen to bite more enthusiastically, as the hozi protects the kreen’s face during a bite. Over time, decorative and ceremonial hozi emerged and are sometimes worn as mere fashion accessories (usually constructed out of material too delicate to provide real protection).

Thri-kreen may use regular belts (waist slot), usually with a little resizing.
Thri-kreen may use rings (rings slot), though they wear them at the base of their antennae.

Thri-kreen gear

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