Zatla Ranch

The Land of Neeps and Honey

After completing a secret mission to Makla for King Tithian and the Revolutionary Council, the Zatla Cowboys were awarded a small estate south of Tyr.

The estate was once part of the vast Dyan lands. When Murter Dyan was attainted and executed for his involvement in the True, possession of the Dyan lands transferred to the Minthur family (elevating them among the five Major Families of Tyr). King Tithian requested a small portion of the land be carved off and turned over to the Crown for future use, and the Minthurs partitioned off a small, undesirable southern strip. Located 1-2 hours south of Tyr, it is not far from Kolkhaz Qarbjanoob.

Number of souls: 12
Number of wells: 1
Production: 2 fields of neeps
Notable personalities: Magnus, Henrik
Other assets: Androcles’ library hut (ex-Brander’s), ruined manor house, five-foot zatla pipe of smoky obsidian

Work needing to be done:

  • Rebuild the bridge from the Minthur estate
  • Upgrade the roads leading to and through
  • Develop 1-2 more wells

Currently working on:

  • Clear brush in the eastern part of the estate
  • Begin a zatla patch

Zatla Ranch

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