The Lost Seas

A plan comes together

Reprisal Against the Dray 1

…and a wild Zeeto joins the party.

Recorded by scholars studying the life of Zuri.

After their victory over the tribe of ssurrans that had been plaguing Kolkhaz Qarbjanoob, our heroes were met by the arrival of Uj, the halfling leader of Tyr’s growing labor movement. The party then sat down to a celebratory feast of roast jankx prepared by members of the kolkhazy. Zuri and Birel struck up conversation with Uj in an attempt to learn more about his place within Tyr’s complex political landscape. They quickly learned that Uj was no friend of arcanists, included the preservers of the Veiled Alliance. Suddenly, amidst the commotion of the feast, a lone jankx escaped its gruesome fate, scurrying into the safety of Zuri’s robes. Admiring the small animal’s tenacity and thirst for the sweet nectar of freedom, Zuri waved off the angrily approaching cook and proclaimed that, like so many other brave Tyrians, this noble jankx had changed its fate.

Back in Tyr, while discussing what to do next regarding their plan to assassinate Zalimxan, various plans of attack were proposed. Zuri, in consultation with Ziggurat Ultra, arranged for a meeting between itself and Sadira. After traversing Sadira’s elaborate security measures, it presented the heroes’ intention, seeking any assistance that Sadira might be able to provide them. Sadira, no friend to defiler nor dray, was eager to aid in Zalimxan’s assassination, but expressed her need to remain unconnected to the act itself, and for the Veiled Alliance to remain unimplicated. The next morning, Sadira presented the party with a workable plan, as well as a map of Under-Tyr showing a path leading to a passageway located directly under the diplomatic quarters of the three dray. They would depart at nightfall.

Meanwhile, the party had been called by Agis of Asticles for a meeting at his estates just outside of Tyr. There the group embarked on an inward journey of psionic meditation led by Agis. Confusion and frustration soon gave way to understanding and tranquility as the group constructed psionic manifestations of each other within their minds. Afterwards, Agis told the party that he had urgent work available suited to their skills, but that the details would have to wait until their acceptance of the job. The party expressed interest, and told Agis that they would be in touch soon after completing their business in Tyr.



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