The Lost Seas

Arrival at Altaruk

Paying the Levy 4

Recorded by scholars studying the life of Zuri.

Famished and exhausted from their arduous journey through the desert, our brave heroes first sought food and comfort upon their arrival to Alturak. They settled upon a nearby tavern by the name of The Four Bits where they feasted upon roasted goat and quenched their thirst with a sampling of local broy. Amidst their feast, the party noticed a small group of Gulgan officers partaking in the pleasures of the Four Bits before their impending departure for the Dragon’s Keep. Sensing opportunity, the party purchased a few rounds of broy for the Gulgans and began inquiring the leader, Idowu, about the state of the slave camps outside the city walls. They learned that the rag-tag group of Night Runners and slavers that had interested the party was currently “hiring anybody” to fill their un-seasoned ranks. After more broy, and a slightly misunderstood performance by Dazeel, Orchid of the Dunes, our heroes retired for the evening hoping to witness the departure of the Gulgan camp in the early morning.

The march of the Gulgan levy provided little practical insight, but was an altogether pleasant way to spend the morning of 27 Sorrow. The party then elected to visit the local merchants of Altaruk in hopes of procuring new supplies and equipment. They first began at the Elven market, where they encountered Panril Windchaser, a member of of Birel’s clan, selling various ritual components of tenuous legality. Panril had nothing of use to the party, but after questioning he revealed that a Thri-Kreen affiliated with the suspicious slavers outside the walls had been frequenting his stand of late and purchasing illegal arcane components. Additionally, the mysterious Thri-Kreen had last visited his stand in the company of an imposing female Tarek. The party then ventured toward the general markets and merchant houses where some purchased new weapons and equipment to replace those lost in the desert.

Our heroes then elected to split up in order to further their investigation of Altaruk. Vilsis accompanied Zuri to a Veiled Alliance safe-house where they met with Zuri’s contacts Tawa Tomblador and The Lirr. Zuri enquired about the slavers outside the gate and the whereabouts of the halfling Agma, a recently captured veiled alliance recruiter from Tyr. They knew nothing of the captured halfling, but they did inform Zuri that the Altaruk alliance had a man inside the group of slavers in question, a human named The Swan.

Chat’G’Hak spent this time offering her services to a local theatre group struggling to assemble a production scheduled for later that evening. The troop was more than thrilled at the prospect of having a performer of Chat’s caliber and reputation take part in their humble production.

Meanwhile, Bost and Birel had ventured toward Altaruk’s gladiatorial arena. There they met the gladiator Petal and other members of the Mericles stables, all once-enslaved affiliates of Bost now freely competing in for-profit combat. After a brief reunion and a light sparring session, discussion turned toward the slavers outside the walls and a plea for help in putting an end to the Red Chord once and for all.

At this point, Zuri, Vilsis, and Chat’G’Hak had all arrived at the arena to reconvene and share their findings. While talking, they were approached by Two-Bit Grisk, the promoter in charge the Bloodsand Arena. Apparently five of his gladiators had taken ill and the evening’s fight was now in jeopardy. Grisk offered to pay our heroes handsomely to compete in the arena and save his skin, a challenge they were more than willing to accept as long as they made it out in time to attend Dazeel’s highly anticipated performance.



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