The Lost Seas

Return to Bloodyfoot

Under the Rim of Dawn 5

As remembered by Birel Windchaser.

After the morning’s battle we took a midday rest, but came across another band of undead in the afternoon. Like the others, their ragged clothes seemed to be remnants of Urikite uniforms, and several of them were heard to ask, “Why did you kill us?”. We managed to defeat them, but afterwards we were weary, parched, and running low on provisions, so we returned to Bloodyfoot.

Back in town we made inquiries trying to figure out who the undead we encountered were and how long they had been there, and what we found pointed to the Battle of the Black Wash.

Ten years ago the rivalry between Urik and Nibenay was particularly heated, and the Black Wash was home to several thriving obsidian mines controlled by Urik. Nibenay sent a force to seize control of these mines, and was successful for a time. Eventually, however, Urik mustered a counterattack to drive the Nibenese away, resulting in the famous battle, now celebrated in song throughout Bloodyfoot:

The Nibenese, the Nibenese, as lava filled the crack
Their green and purple uniforms were burnt to crispy black

This would seem to explain where an army of undead might have come from – except that uniforms we saw weren’t green and purple, they were yellow. And the commander of this famous charge, General Akkad, has since become a recluse, almost forgotten about were it not for the regular deliveries of copious amounts of broy that are still brought to his estate. Finally, if the victory was so complete, then why did it leave the Black Wash in such a state that few have dared to even set foot in it since?

Clearly, there’s more to this story than is widely told. If only we could talk to someone who had been there…



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