The Lost Seas

Revolutionary Council meets the Choom Gang

Confronting King & Council 1

Recorded by scholars studying the life of Bost.

The Zatla Cowboys followed Sekh as he answered the summons of the Revolutionary Council.

Along the way, Sekh filled the group in with his passing familiarity of the relevant Tyrian politicians. Sekh informed us that we could expect the following participants: Davith, of the merchant class; Xalos, of the tradesmen; Styan, the templar; Sadira, of the freed; Strategos Gevello, of the military; Agis of Asticles, of the nobles; and King Tithian. Rikus, although technically a member, apparently had little interest in politics. And besides, as we knew, he was out of Tyr, ranging with the Crimson Legion.

When the group arrived, the Revolutionary Council was busy arguing about iron ore. Davith indicated that Tyrian mines have had trouble reaching Kalak-era levels of production. During this debate, the political bias of certain council members became apparent. Davith blamed new worker-friendly employment laws. Xalos indicated that the iron shortage has led to a corresponding work shortage for his tradesmen. Gevello complained about the lack of iron weapons for the military. Sadira and Agis, however, commended Tithian for instituting the reforms. Tithian indicated that Urik has been threatening military action because of the lack of iron ore coming from Tyr. Although Gevello indicated that he was ready to fight for Tyr, Agis and Sadira expressed concern at Gevello’s feud with Rikus.

At this, Sekh and the Cowboys were called forward. Sekh was asked about the current whereabouts of Rikus, but Sekh claimed to not know the answer. Gevello expressed concerned about Rikus’ apparent lack of accountability to Tyr, but Tithian was quick to defend the mandate of Rikus and the Crimson Legion. When Gevello complained about the allegation that he was responsible for leaking information to the slavers, Tithian suggested that Rikus’ suspicions were not unreasonable.

While the group was listening, they noticed three Dray in the chambers. One of these dray was noticeable disfigured, with pink scar tissue covering half of its face, and with one of its eyes missing. Oddly, it seemed to be ignoring the proceedings and instead was staring at Vilsis.

The group then stepped forward and gave a basic recantation of their experiences with the Crimson Legion and the environs of Altaruk. The group was circumspect about certain details, but they told the council about the map they found, the mysterious levy they observed going to the Dragon’s Altar, and also about the presence of Druze and several Dray in Altaruk the day before this levy left. King Tithian seemed upset and ordered the dray that explain what happened. One of the dray explained that the Dragon’s agreement was that no Tyr citizens would be used to pay the levy, and that slaves were not considered to be Tyrian citizens. Very angry, Tithian ordered the dray to leave the chambers.

The group also told the council how they witnessed the Dragon himself. The Orchid of the Dunes gave a hauntingly morose account of the sensation of having one’s essence being trained by the Dragon. She explained the peculiar feelings of emptiness and uncertainty, of the sense of profound dread that is somehow accompanied by a deep sense of apathy, the act of becoming one with oblivion.

On the way out of the Council chambers, the group was informed by a guard that King Tithian wished to speak to the group later. As the group was waiting in a nearby garden, they spied Agis and Sadira leaving. They gave Agis and Sadira a more detailed account of what happened, and explained that they had information which suggested the Druze himself was responsible for arranging the levy.

When the group met with Tithian himself, they also gave the full story and expressed their earlier reluctance on the fact that they were concerned about the presence of the dray. King Tithian thanked the group, and issued a summons for his cousin to appear before the council the next morning. The group told Tithian that they’ll be staying at the Golden Inix, and left the Golden Tower.

The next morning, rumors spread through the city that Druze of Mericles had been thrown into Tyr’s dungeons by his cousin King Tithian due to an unspecified offence.



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