The Lost Seas

Seven Angry Halflings, A Revolutionary Counsel, and a Wedding

Escape from Makla 3

Recorded by scholars studying the life of Bost.

The adventurers were still on their way towards Tyr when they were waylaid, once again, by a party of halfling rangers! Remembering their old adversary back at the Lake of Golden Dreams, everyone charged headfirst towards the melee, confident in their respective halfing-killing capabilities. The battle charged forward, with halfling hitting shardmind, shardmind hitting halfing, halfing hitting thri-kreen, thri-kreen hitting halfing, etc etc. The halfings put up a good fight, and just when the adventurers began to obtain the upper hand a cactus came alive and started to attack everyone. This is just standard Athas stuff.

While everyone put forward a lot of energy and effort, the fight progressed in an especially brutal fashion. Thankfully, a group of humans arrived along with Felix – the group’s old friend! With the assistance, the adventurers made quick work of the evildoers.

The adventurers proceeded to follow Felix back to Bellinga, where we again got to meet Elissa: Felix’s betrothed. Catching up with Felix, the group learned Felix wasn’t possessed by the creepy sword at all, but nor was he a swordmage; the Veiled Alliance inspectors had left confused.

That night everyone happily celebrated the couples wedding. The next morning, everyone finished their journey to Tyr.

Once at Tyr, the party hurried to speak with the Revolutionary Council. War! War in Tyr was imminent, and Tyr was awash in chaos. The Revolutionary Council tasked the adventurers with a number of problems: 1) to deal with the striking unskilled laborers, 2) find a solution for Tyr’s lack of undead war beetles, 3) find a solution for the absence of the dray contingent in the Tyrian army, and 4) convince the noble families to provide their agreed-to levy of troops. The party agreed to help, with the understanding that they would reconvene during a masquerade that would be held a few nights later at Blacksun Villa.

Also, the party learned that the Revolutionary Council gave the group an estate as a thankyou for its extensive service to the city. Unfortunately, the party also learned that Birel Windchaser, that crafty elf, took charge of the estate on our behalf.



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