The Lost Seas

Snake Eyes!

The Place of Forgetting 6 (revised Marauders of the Dune Sea)

Cavern of Ignored Powerups

Recorded by scholars studying the life of Vilsis.

Having awoken in the pitch black of the hejkin lair and finding their stock of glowworms dwindling, the party quickly set to work putting together some sub-par torches in order to light their way. As they gathered their belongings, it seemed clear that the task at hand was to return to the chamber of glowing eyes scouted earlier by Vilsis and Zuri and confront whatever lurking evil awaited them there. However, as the group passed by the mouth of the caver, Zuri was overcome by a premonition of ambush and decided to stay and keep watch while the other adventurers continued onward.

Retracing their steps though now-familiar passageways, now clogged with bodies of various dead foes, the party took the time to search for items of value and managed to recover an iron fire-poker that should fetch a pretty penny. After an extended period of anxious negotiation, they also smashed the large burial urns warning of Ningishzida’s wrath and found a couple of perfectly nice jade pendents amongst the charred remains.

Passing by the chamber of the myconids, the adventurers cautiously made their way down the long passageway to the final chamber. The interior was much as the scouts had described – the walls carved with undulating snakes whose eyes glowed a ghostly green, a high domed ceiling, and a steep dais in the middle of the room, topped with a large bowl-shaped altar. On the far wall, a trickle of water flowed from the mouth of a fountain carved in the shape of a snake’s head, flowing into a puddle near a mound of bones and rags, including what seemed like a fresh set of bloody remains.

The party split in two, attempting a pincer maneuver around the dais in order to flank any creature the might be concealed in the back corner of the room. Unfortunately, the room’s primary occupant had no need to hide behind the altar…suddenly a silk wyrm materialized directly behind Bost and blasted the party with a wave of psychic pain! And as if that weren’t enough, the light glowing in the eyes of snake carvings coalesced into floating balls of ghostly aggression.

A long and brutal combat commenced, wherein all of our heroes were periodically slowed and immobilized by ropes of acidic silk and the mysterious ejaculations of the glowing balls. The adventurers wished dearly they had the benefit of Zuri’s burning spray. It seemed as if Vilsis’ bow had been mis-strung as a series of deadly powerful primal arrows slammed uselessly into the walls and floor.

Regardless, the adventurers eventually prevailed over their foes. Searching the room, they found a young man – alive – hidden in a small crack running along the bottom of the far wall. Felix finally discovered. Despite Birel’s hints for tact, Felix was made aware that the party had followed him from Tyr on behalf of House Shom. Meanwhile, Vilsis examined the inside of the bowl altar. Despite clearly having room for at least 19 magical items, the true contents included a wooden bow exuding arcane power, some small but valuable-looking knick-knacks, and the ultimate object of this quest: the rose-tinted stone sword. After some initial distrust, Felix eventually told the adventurers that he had brought the sword here, to the Place of Forgetting, in order to cleanse himself of the memory of having used it to slay a group of thugs in Tyr. He then allowed the adventurers to help him rinse some of the urine out of clothes and return him to Elissa in Bellinga.

On the way out, triumphant in their victory over all manner of foes, the party finally stopped to explore the irregular crack in the wall left undisturbed thus far. Inside, they found some glowing moss that was identified as a key ingredient in a tincture of poison resistance. Wouldn’t that have been useful! Bost and Chat’G’Hak finally threw caution to the wind and tasted the aquamarine and maroon liquids inside the stone basins (why anybody would think to do such a thing, we don’t know) and discovered that both were invigorating potions. The ultimate lesson of the day: when you find mysterious colored liquids and strange plants growing deep inside a monster-infested snake-fuck dungeon, immediately consume them.



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