The Lost Seas

The Ascent of Filosof

A Tale of Discretion and Valor

Recorded by scholars studying the life of Zuri.

The party had finally arrived at the southern fringes of Urikite territory where an encampment of Tyrian forces had assembled, safely hidden at the bottom of an ancient canyon. A heated discussion was underway over how to proceed now that Tyr’s raiding force was so close to Hamanu’s doorstep. Debate raged on for what seemed like hours as our heroes poured over maps and intelligence procured by Rikus legionnaires. It was finally decided that the group’s first actions would be to capture the watchtower overlooking Urik (which happened to possess full view of the Legion’s likely approach to the city), and then to disrupt the impending levy of Urikite slaves departing soon for the volcanic mountains. In preparation for their raid on the tower, the Cowboy’s surveyed the observation tower recently captured by the Crimson Legion. They were then introduced to brave Filosof, a master climber whose expertise and guidance would be necessary for the treacherous climb that awaited our heroes to the northern watchtower.

Dusk fell at the base of the daunting cliff face as Filosof worked his ropes and riggings, his eyes ablaze with with what he described to the others as “climb-lust”, the burgeoning excitement of spirit he felt before every climb, before each application of his life’s true passion, before the joyous feeling of jagged rock in his hands and of perilous doom below his feet. The fire in Filosof’s belly was quickly extinguished by cruel Androcles who, when presented with the sight of the cliff face, conveniently remembered that he possessed knowledge of a ritual that would easily carry the party safely to the top. Filosof sullenly packed his ropes with the expert care of a true man of the mountain as Androcles began to cast the ritual of Tenser’s Lift, aided by the flickering light of Zuri’s magical candle. Soon the party climbed aboard Androcles’ magical platform and began their casual ascent up the treacherous cliff face. A slight smile could be seen on Filosof’s face as he remarked upon the unnatural ease in which the adventurers quickly approached the watchtower.

Suddenly, the covert silence of the rising platform was pierced by what stuck Zuri’s crystalline ears as the unsettling “pop” of a crushed Kank’s carapace. It was poor Filosof, his head instantly caved in by a falling boulder, his body now falling off the platform toward its sad fate amongst the rocks below the cliff. Looking up, our heroes determined that this was not just a mere unlucky occurrence, but an extremely unlucky occurrence, as this boulder had not fallen by natural means but had been THROWN! Thrown by a pack of four limbed Brohg’s now within sight.

Androcles halted the magical platform’s ascent and our heroes began their fearless assault on the Brohg cave. Bost lept into danger without a second thought. Soon the lead Brohg was on the platform itself, perhaps the very Brohg that had done in poor Filosof, but it was quickly cast off the platform by our heroes and thrown to the rocks below. Suddenly more and more Brohgs emerged from the shadows and the tide of battle was turning. The party quickly called to Bost to return to the platform, taking the watchtower above them was their priority this night and they couldn’t risk defeat at the many hands of these inconsequential Brohgs. Androcles commanded the platform to rise instants before the fast approaching beasts could grab at its base. As the party caught their breath, a pact was made to return to this foul cave and to claim whatever treasure they could find there once they had sufficiently leveled up to face the encounter more easily.

Finally, the party arrived at the top of the cliff. The watchtower stood before them, as well as a small Urikite encampment. What now? How would our heroes commence their assault? Stealth? Distraction? More magical shortcuts? Hadn’t they discussed their plan in depth earlier?? Why was everyone bickering? Who’s in charge of this operation??



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