The Lost Seas

The Lame Kank

The Place of Forgetting 7/ Returning to Tyr 1

Recorded by scholars studying the life of Bost.

They finally did it. Snake-Fuck Dungeon was utterly annihilated. Scores of abominations, including hejkin knuckleheads, anthropomorphic mushrooms, despicable slavers, and even a sentient tornado and a telekinetic wyrm, were wiped from existence. Felix, who turned out to be a lovable yet smelly rapscallion, was rescued. And best of all, the party recovered the curious relic that they sought out for: a copper-hilted stone sword. Immense wealth seemed imminent.

Triumphantly, the party of adventurers emerged from the unholy temple and ventured into the ominous sun. They were soon reminded that Athas is as much of an enemy as those they had recently defeated. Bracing themselves, they were forced to pass through the sandstorm that they encountered when they initially approached the Place of Forgetting. Chafed by the swirling earth, they emerged and noticed a camp on the horizon.

Stealthily, Chat’G’Hak and Vilsis crept up the dune and approached the objects in the distance. They found a sleeping Red Chord tarek! What a dope! With him was a lame kank. The rest of the group joined Chat’G’Hak and Vilsis. The group surrounded the sleeping slaver before he could awake. Bost then greedily placed his foot over the tarek’s crotch and pushed down with the determination of a charging ram. The tarek awoke with a pitiful yelp. In the interrogation that followed, the group learned several important details. When asked about the map that was found on the slavers encountered within the temple, the tarek indicated that the Red Chord had been mapping the movements of the Crimson Legion in the Tyr Region. The tarek also indicated that the mul who was killed inside the temple was none other than Darok, a founder of the Red Chord. The party grilled the tarek as to the whereabouts of the rest of the slavers. On this, the tarek was unhelpful and could only tell us that the headquarters of the Red Chord is nomadic. As the party debated what to do with the tarek captive, Bost pulverized the tarek’s skull with the hammer that once belonged to his boss.

The party continued on to Bellinga. As we approached, a lone farmer noticed our return. Felix and this man started to run towards each other before they joyfully embraced. “Papa!” exclaimed Felix. “Felix!” exclaimed Papa. It was adorable.

Bellinga treated the adventurers as heroes. Although their wealth was meager, a huge feast was arranged on our behalf. A treasured artifact – a bronze bell – was rung to celebrate our exploits. Chat’G’Hak again wowed an audience by adroitly performing amazing feats of puppetry. Zuri shrewdly sold the kank that was recovered from the Red Chord camp to a farmer for much more than what it was worth. The party was good and inebriated when Felix and Elissa excitedly informed the party that they decided to get married, and that we were welcome to attend the wedding. Being crafty and unscrupulous Athasians, we successfully finagled +1s to the offer. They agreed. We slept off the food and booze, and made our way to Tyr.

On the outskirts of Tyr, the party was slowed by a giant traffic jam. Investigating, the party noticed a giant fortified argosy belonging to House Stel of Urik. The argosy, while appearing sturdy, clearly looked as if it had been attacked by something very large and very angry. A guard informed the party that a so-ut had attacked a caravan on its way to Tyr. The party loosened their collars as they sauntered through the gate and into the city itself.

Immediately, the party encountered an animated demonstration. The leader of the demonstration appeared to be a halfling. The halfling was screaming into the crowd, demanding that the laborers be given representation on the Revolutionary Council of Tyr. The guards watched nervously, with their hands ready at their hilts. The party sprang into action, in a farcical attempt to assuage the unrest. Chat’G’Hak began to juggle chairs. Bost decided to lay in the street, in an apparent attempt to convince the demonstrators to embrace a nonviolent resistance type of protest. Others cozied up with the guards and the demonstrators alike, attempting to charm key players into passivity. Somehow, it worked. The demonstrators, satisfied that they made their point, dispersed and relocated to the Kestrekel’s Loft on top of The Golden Inix.

The party began to work to unload the goods they found in the temple. Birel suggested that the group attempt to have the sword appraised by Rhey Khal, a former acquaintance of Birel’s and the owner of Rhey’s Apothecary. Rhey looked at the sword with interest. He told us that while it was obviously magical and from a long-forgotten era, there was nothing especially notable nor sinister about the sword. He indicated that the price initially offered for the sword was fair. While there, the group exchanged a liquid-potion found in the temple for a number of dune runner’s fruits and healing fruits.

Next, the party sent a messenger to inform Choum that the sword has been recovered, and that the party would be waiting for him at The Golden Inix. While a bit annoyed, Choum came to the party and began to negotiate for the transfer of the sword. The party eventually agreed to 1,300 pieces of Nibenese ceramic and 10,000 credit at House Shom in exchange for the sword and for the gold-laced staff that was found in the temple.

The party then retired for the night, planning what to do next. Ideas include speaking with the Crimson Legion or possibly witnessing an execution that is supposed to take place by the hand of Tithian himself.



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