The Lost Seas

To Kill a Dray

Reprisal Against the Dray 2

As remembered by Birel Windchaser

Sadira led us to a shop in the smith’s district, and manipulated a cilops statue to reveal a hidden door, which ultimately led to the cavernous ruins below Tyr. Along the way we passed the charred remains of real cilops, presumably dispatched by the Veiled Alliance’s previous expedition. We arrived at what appeared to be a solid wall, but Sadira dispelled the illusion for us, revealing a large fragment of a broken pillar blocking a crack in the wall wide enough for us to creep through.

A brief feeling of illness swept all of us when Sadira used her magic, similar (though by far less intense) to what we felt at the Dragon’s pit when it consumed the levy. She explained that she uses the same type of magic as the Dragon, which draws from animals rather than plants and earth. I suppose no harm was done, but I must say it made me feel a bit uneasy. In any case, we were on own for the remainder of the expedition – the Veiled Alliance was unwilling to risk being caught striking against the dray, and Sadira would therefore go no further.

We moved the column but the passage was dark and narrow, so Zuri sent his jankx Zeeto in to scout ahead. Zeeto’s sudden death informed us that we could expect a swift attack on the other side, but could provide no further details. Not having any other options, we crept in single file, Bost in the lead.

Sure enough, a grell was waiting for us. Had I space to swing my trikal or Vilsis to bend his bow it would probably not have been much of a threat, but none of us but Bost could even see the vermin, and it turned out to be quite adept at keeping us from emerging from the choke point. Eventually we slew it and got through, but it was a painfully frustrating fight.

Soon we came to some stairs going up to a door that seemed to be about where the dray’s quarters ought to be. Carefully opening it we could see Zalimxan seated at a desk, facing away from us and writing something. Dazeel stealthily entered the room to take stock of the situation, and managed to lock the one door that led to the rest of the building, and none too soon. Shortly after, whether by chance or because he heard the sound of the key in the lock, Zalimxan called to his companions and looked around.

We struck hard and fast. Being unsure of exactly what we were up against but quite sure that a locked door would not hold two dray back for long, we came at Zalimxan from all sides and with all our strength. Fortunately, this battle did not last long, and our target soon fell.

We wanted to leave quickly but a few of us couldn’t help grabbing a few items that were within easy reach, including the parchment on Zalimxan’s desk. Meanwhile Vilsis managed to start a fire, which might have been an excellent way of covering our tracks had not the dray burst through the door just at that point – I fear they saw his face before we ran back into Under-Tyr.

They did not pursue us however, (or at least not quickly enough to catch us), and we were soon through the broken wall where Sadira still waited. We replaced the pillar fragment and she wove the illusion back into place, so that not even a crack was still visible in the wall.

Relaxing later at the Golden Inix, we were approached by a monk wishing to speak with Vilsis. Apparently some personal matter had arisen that required his skills, and it did not take him long to decide to leave us for this new endeavor. I can’t say I was happy to see him leave, but given that the dray may be looking for him it actually may have made things safer for everyone for him to be gone from Tyr, at least for a time. May the wind cool his path.



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