The Lost Seas


The Road to War 3

Recorded by scholars studying the life of Bost.

Despite multiple faux-pas, the Zatla Cowboys handled themselves relatively well at the big ball. Unfortunately, war was imminent and rapidly approaching.

Despite minor hangovers, the group awoke that morning and hurried themselves over to Agis’ estate. With his assistance, they put the final touches on their plan, which they then delivered to the Revolutionary Council:

Rikus will gives up his seat in exchange for one held by the unskilled workers. Until a city-wide election can be held, this seat will be held by Uj. The Veiled Alliance will not receive a seat on the counsel, but with their imminent unveiling, the city will learn that one of their members already sits on behalf of the freed-slaves. After Tithian’s death, a Senate will resume power, with the first Senate-president coming from Family Beryl. Beryl, in turn, will relinquish claims for land held by Qarbjanoob. Agis agreed to speak on behalf of Embl Turax, and the Zatla Cowboys will pay 50,000 to Tyrthanis.

Notably, King Tithian completely agreed to this plan, without reservations, despite the fact that the group was inarticulate and unpersuasive when they voiced this plan to the council.

With the enemy at the gates, the Revolutionary Council rapidly unconvened. Messengers were sent out, and everyone began to prepare for war. Unexpectently, Bost was offered a commission with the Crimson Legion, which he happily accepted.

Androcles (unbeknownst to the rest of the Cowboys) slunk away to Little Draxa – the Dray ghetto. There, he parlayed with some Dray to see whether they would provide assistance in the upcoming battle by joining the ranks of the Tyrian Guard and by providing some undead war beetles. The dray responded that they MIGHT provide this assistance if Androcles agreed to spy on his dear friends, who had only recently welcomed them happily and readily into their adventuring party. Androcles agreed.

The Urikite army approached and the battle lines formed. The Zatla Cowboys were stationed on the far left-wing, along with the Crimson Legion. There, the group watched a line of Urikite Half-Giants approach. The front-line of the Crimson Legion ran forward, tumbled through their ranks, and began to unleash a synchronized whirlwind of destruction.

Despite this, the obstinate Urikites persevered and held ranks until a contingent of Dray arrived. With this, the Zatla Cowboys moved forward and commenced entry into the foray.

The company of Dray were a formidable foe, but Androcles, Zuri, Dazeel, and Bost were able to vanquish them after some frenzied fighting.



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