The Lost Seas

Zatla Cowboys Get Out of Dodge

Under the Rim of Dawn 1

Recorded by scholars studying the life of Bost.

Back at the Golden Inix, Vilsis, Birel, Bost, Zuri, and Dazeel looked proudly at the ring of smoke that was arising from Little Draxa, off in the distance. Vilsis looked especially pleased, and the group had not yet seen the pensive eladrin with such a serene look on his face.

This moment of calm soon passed with news that the Crimson Legion, and Rikus, have returned to Tyr. Marching through the Caravan Gate, the Legion’s numbers seemed to have swelled with recruits from the villages, and a bound line of slaver prisoners (including Gretz and the Daughter Seizers) shuffled alongside the column.

The group hurried after the impromptu parade that sprung up with the Legion’s arrival. The commotion led them to the Crimson Legion headquarters. There, the group found the Legion getting good and drunk along with members of Tyr’s adoring populace.

Looking for Rikus, the group knocked on the door of the bedroom he shared with Neeva. Neeva answered. Looking a little pissed, she informed the group that Rikus had left. Pressed further, she admitted that Rikus, in a distressed state, had jumped out of the window and rode away on his kank. Neeva seemed to be upset and Rikus and clearly seemed to be hiding something from the group.

The Zatla Cowboys then left the Legion’s headquarters in pursuit of Rikus. Unwilling to let the man simply be alone, the Group was insistent that they fill Rikus in on all of the information they’ve collected since they last spoke. The trail of Rikus’ kank surprisingly led to Sadira’s residence. The Group then thought better of intruding on Rikus’ seclusion.

The group returned the next morning, and spoke candidly with Rikus. Although Rikus was aware of most events already, it was nice to catch up with the fellow. At this point, the Zatla Cowboys were beginning to feel a little concerned that their assassination of a diplomatic envoy of the Dragon might be a problematic thing. Hoping to lay low, the group decided to visit Agis of Asticles to see if they can take him up on his earlier offer of an adventure.

Agis put the Zatla Cowboys in touch with Keema Kish, a representative of Urik’s obsidian-mining House Kish (and Dazeel’s “fan” from a few days back). Keema was secretly a Tyrian agent reporting on Urikite happenings, and had been tasked by her house to resolve a series of disappearances near her house’s mines in Makla. In order to maintain reasons for her to travel back and forth to Tyr, she was interested in hiring Tyrians. On top of the House Kish fees, King Tithian had authorized small plots of land as a reward for whoever helped Keema. The group agreed to Agis’ offer.

After outfitting themselves, the group headed off on the long, dangerous journey past Urik and towards Makla. After passing Fort Skonz and Fort Iron, the group encountered a bunch of greedy elves at Silver Spring, who demanded an exorbitant entrance fee into their seedy little town. Unimpressed, the group passed the offer and continued on, only to be attacked by BURROWING HORRORS!



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