The Lost Seas

Zatla Cowboys Kill Burrowing Horrors

Under the Rim of Dawn 2

Recorded by scholars studying the life of Bost.

Birel and Bost knew that something was wrong when they noticed that the vegetation in the area was in disarray. Sure enough, a bunch of anakores soon jumped out of the earth and attacked the group.

This was a long and rough fight. Pretty much everyone in the group was on death’s doorstep at some point during the encounter. Whenever the group managed to damage one of these creatures, it simply dug into the ground for a little while before exploding to the top, and causing mayhem. And when the group finally emerged triumphant, they noticed that their kank had run off with their supply rations!

Without food or drink, the group pressed on towards their destination. On the way, they passed around Urik and Fort Courage. The group took notice of the martial outlook of the brutal Urikite society. The group struggled with dehydration, taking turns sharing the meager portions of food and water they were able to scrounge up. Finally, they made it to Makla.

Makla was a brutal place, even for Athas. All around, the group noticed the cruelty inherent in the obsidian trade. Giant slave pits were carved into the stone earth. Although austere and serenely white, these pits acted as virtual furnaces for those unlucky enough to be confined in them.

Exhausted, the group stayed the night at The Obsidian Crown.

The next day, the group met up with Sazerak Saltcrosser of House Kish. Staying to a cover story, the group attempted to determine the location of Uday Kish, their contact. They were told that Uday was off at a nearby obsidian mine called Bloodyfoot. Once again, the group stocked up on rations and commenced the journey to determine the reason behind the disappearances.



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