Keema Kish


Keema Kish is a member of the Urikite merchant House Kish and frequently travels between Tyr and Urik on House business.

Unbeknownst to her House, though, Keema is spying on Urik for Tyr. A contact of Davith of House Vordon, Keema keeps the Revolutionary Council apprised of goings-on in Urik.

In order to maintain reasons for her to continue to travel to Tyr, Keema asked the Council to help her resolve a problem (involving her House’s obsidian-mine holdings in Makla) she had been tasked with using Tyrian adventurers. Agis of Astricles arranged for the Zatla Cowboys to assist her.

Keema has become quite a fan of Dazeel’s performances.

Keema Kish

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