Rikus is a mul former gladiator and the most recognizable Hero of the Tyrian revolution.

Originally fighting as a gladiator in Urik, Rikus was purchased by the Mericles family and rose to fame fighting in Tyr’s gladiatorial arena, often as part of a matched pair with Neeva. Rikus was known for his clever techniques and crowd-pleasing use of exotic weapons such as cahulaks, singing sticks, and the like.

Rikus became part of the plot to assassinate Kalak, and during the great Games declared by Kalak to celebrate the opening of his new ziggurat, Rikus surprised the crowd by hurling a magical purple spear at the sorcerer-king, impaling him through the chest.

When the dust settled and King Tithian had freed the slaves and begun to build a new Tyr, Rikus was named Strategos of the Guard Afield. However, over the past year, he instead formed the Crimson Legion, a unit of a thousand former gladiators, and has spent much time taking the Legion around the area outside of Tyr, breaking up slaver groups operating in the region.

Rikus sits on the Revolutionary Council, in a seat representing no single constituency—his massive popularity put him there and gives his opinions great weight. However, in recent months, he has been less and less present at meetings, spending most of his time with the Legion outside Tyr.

Rikus has been romantically linked to both Neeva and his fellow Hero Sadira of Tyr. He resides in the former home of ex-Strategos Haamdan, which has become a de facto headquarters for the Crimson Legion. He is often advised by the former gladiators Neeva, Gaanon, and Sekh.

Rikus was forever changed after leading the Crimson Legion on a doomed assault on Urik and failing to kill—or even seriously wound—King Hamanu, who slew his lover Neeva and several other of his valued gladiator friends.


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