Sekh is a weathered-looking half-elf, a former gladiator whose family originated in Raam. His matted hair is cut in a long, shaggy strip down the center of his skull, and his teeth are entirely missing from the right side of his mouth (the result of surviving a half-giant’s club smash years ago in the arena). He usually wears leather armor studded with bone plugs and is well-trained in staff fighting. Unusually, Sekh is a wizard; because of the hostility crowds often show towards arcanists (who are all considered “defilers”), it’s rare for gladiators to survive long when they display magical ability, so Sekh’s continued survival is a mark of his cleverness, martial skill, or both.

Sekh is a loyal member of the Crimson Legion and is close with Rikus, who often leaves him in charge of the Legion’s headquarters when the Legion is afield. Rikus also reportedly asked that Sekh serve as his surrogate on the Revolutionary Council when he was afield (though that request was denied, the Council responding, "The seat is not the Crimson Legion’s; it is Rikus’ and Rikus’ alone).

Sekh has also been the prime caregiver nursing Hojar back to health after his near death at the hands of the grell summoned to invade Legion HQ. Over time, the two became lovers.

Sekh has never been able to recover from Hojar’s death at the hands of King Hamanu during the Crimson Legion’s doomed assault on Urik.


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