Major noble family

The Asticles noble family has long been one of Tyr’s most powerful and, with the participation of its scion Agis in the group of Heroes who toppled Kalak, it now enjoys wide fame and admiration across the Tablelands. Its lands, under the stewardship of Agis, are among the most fruitful producers of faro and other staple crops, and its famous dry Asticles wine is the drink of choice of the wealthy in every city-state.

The Asticles family has long avoided conflicts with its fellow nobles, especially with the powerful Mericles family. Agis served as its Senator for the last years of Kalak’s reign, and established himself as a progressive voice calling for reform (but one which never went too far and risked Kalak’s wrath).

The Asticles reputation and Agis’ role in the death of Kalak meant that Agis was unanimously chosen to represent the Nobles seat on the Revolutionary Council. The Asticles family (via Agis) has advocated for a liberal oligarchy and abandoned its pre-revolutionary paternal attitudes toward slavery, settling firmly in the anti-slavery camp; indeed, it’s said that Agis’ urging was one of the major impetuses behind the First Edict.


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