Major noble family

The Beryl family is one of Tyr’s largest noble families. Ruled by the matriarch Shoshana Beryl, the Beryls were a part of the anti-Kalak faction of nobles that formed in the months leading up to his assassination. The Beryls agreed with keeping post-Kalak Tyr’s government a monarchy and suggested that Shoshana be named Queen. Lacking wide support, however, the idea was dropped, and when Tithian declared himself king after Kalak’s death, the Beryl family readily accepted it.

The Beryl family had a long-running land dispute with the neighboring Prask family over the rich “Fields of Guthay” west of their estate; when the Prasks were attainted and their land turned over to Kolkhaz Qarbjanoob, the Beryls continued to pursue the claim, even going so far as to stage an armed attempt to seize the fields. The farmers of Qarbjanoob put up surprisingly robust resistance and turned back the Beryl troops.

The Beryls agreed to drop their claims to the Fields and to contribute troops to the military if King Tithian established a succession plan that favored them.


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