Cenotaph of Kanks

Session 7: Though only five-legged, sold for a generous price to a struggling farmer.

Session 10: Lost (along with Zuri’s zatla and Bost’s quartz hammer taken from Darok) in the implosion of the Mahindrazal.

Session 23: Bolted during an ambush by anakores while carrying all the food and water; was tracked down by the party the next morning and found in gnawed pieces.

Session 24: Broiled to death by a volcanic spell cast by a Smoking Crown Initiate after Dazeel bravely took cover behind it.

Session 31: Left outside House Kish’s Makla HQ with General Akkad’s corpse lashed to its back.

Session 32: Guided to a probably-poisoned pool and encouraged to drink, functioning as the world’s largest and ugliest canary.

Session 44: Cut into several pieces and devoured by the party members while they drank beer and made merry:

Cenotaph of Kanks

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