Little Draxa

“Little Draxa” is the informal name of a neighborhood located in the southern Templars’ District of Tyr’s Golden City. It is so called because it is almost entirely populated by dray (who originate in the far eastern land of Ur Draxa). Much like the rest of the Golden City, Little Draxa is a sedate neighborhood of ancient but generally well-maintained townhouses. It is quite small (occupying only a few blocks—a few dozen buildings at most) and, while non-dray servants and workers can sometimes be spotted scurrying around, the dray are clearly the dominant presence.

When Kalak was assassinated and the dray fled Tyr, Little Draxa sat vacant for some time. Eventually, its buildings were claimed by the crown, and Tyr sold them off to various nobles and merchants over the next few months, who happily took up residence in the historical and impressive homes once belonging to the servants of the Dragon.

However, when the dray returned to Tyr at the beginning of the Year of the Wind’s Reverence, King Tithian and the Revolutionary Council took the buildings back, repaying and ejecting their new occupants and re-installing the dray.

The dray diplomats Zalimxan, Kazimzadeh, and Oliquluushagi live in a three-story townhouse in Little Draxa, having displaced the senator who claimed it for several months while they were in exile. After King Tithian found out about the secret payment of the Dragon’s levy, he angrily confined the diplomats to this house, where they have remained ever since.

No one knows the age of the neighborhood, but it is rumored that (like the rest of the Golden City) many layers UnderTyr wind beneath the buildings there. The area under Little Draxa is adjacent to the section of UnderTyr known as “The Crawls” (which runs under the city’s Smith’s District).

In a daring nighttime raid, the Zatla Cowboys slipped into the basement of the dray diplomatic townhouse through UnderTyr and assassinated Zalimxan. Setting the room on fire, they retreated; the next morning, news of the partial collapse of the dray townhouse had spread throughout Tyr.

Little Draxa

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