Zuri's Coin Purse

An accounting of party earnings and expenditures.

Cash on hand: 497gp

(3 silver, 197 Urikite ceramic)

Credit with House Shom: formerly 7,761gp, now ZERO (drained by Birel to fund her business)

Other holdings and treasure: obsidian mirror worth 200gp (gift to Dazeel), an iron key (pocketed by Dazeel), a five-foot long zatla pipe made of smoky obsidian (held by Zuri), Akkad’s Golden Lion worth MAJOR BANK

Session #: Transactions. (end of session #gp) (payouts)

Session 33: While conducting business in Tyr, the party took the opportunity to cash in some of their treasures and holdings. This included selling five rubies for 850gp (5×150gp), an obsidian pendant for 650gp, 180lb of sulfur stores for 9,000gp (180lbx50gp/lb), 65 polished ivory teeth for 6,500gp (65×100gp), a poisoned short bow for 2,500gp (50% of 5000gp), a gutting kukri for 1,700gp (50% of 3400gp), and Bost’s unused armor for 168gp (20% of 840gp), for a total intake of 21,368gp. This amount was then split four ways to a tune of 5,342gp per member. The party also took advantage of their time in Tyr by awakening some of their magic items through the Veiled Alliance. (497gp) (5,342gp)

Session 33: After fighting back another group of Halfling Rangers, the party procures another 40 polished ivory teeth, a Gutting Kukri, a Poisoned Shortbow, and another 800gp of nature ritual components (held by Zuri). Later, at the wedding feast of Felix and Elissa, Bost generously gifts the young couple 100gp from his own reserves. Upon inspection, Akkad’s Golden Lion is revealed to be missing a leg. (497gp)

Session 32: The party’s stolen kank is found to be carrying 180 lbs of sulfur grain (left on the kank) and 36 survival days (distributed amongst the party). After a run-in with savage halfling rangers on the Red Age road to Tyr, the party procures a snakeskin belt (Viper Belt – given to Androcles), 25 polished ivory teeth (XXgp), and an assortment of wild herbs (1,000gp nature ritual – held by Zuri). Later, a sack of poisonous herbs is found contaminating a well (taken by Zuri). Upon its untimely demise, the sulfur grain held by Kanker the kank is distributed amongst the remaining party members. (497gp)

Session 31: Triumphant return to Bloodyfoot/Chased out of Makla (497gp)

Session 30: After the battle with Drewet’s undead legion, the party is left standing with General Akkad’s Golden Lion of Urik. (497gp)

Session 29: Returning to Makla after their battle with Fa’ar, 12gp is spent on 4 rooms at the Obsidian Crown to rest for the night before approaching General Akkad. With Akkad’s help, the party “borrows” the ritual book used in the Battle of the Black Wash from the templars in Makla. (497gp)

Session 28: After defeating the filthy halfling Fa’ar, the party procures Drewet’s Bronze Helm, a bone flute, a polished chestnut, and a filthy pouch. (509gp)

Session 27: 96gp is spent replenishing the party’s supplies with twelve survival days. 650gp is spent purchasing an assortment of dried insects and toads (alchemical reagents) from a band of shady looking elves. Five rooms are procured at the Obsidian Crown for two additional nights costing a total of 30gp. (509gp)

Session 26: Following a lead in their investigation of The Black Wash, the party returns to Makla where they spend 15gp on five luxurious rooms at the Obsidian Crown. (1285gp)

Session 25: While surveying the Black Wash, the party procures 350gp off a group of fallen Urikite scouts. Later, the party stumble upon two slain SCI’s and find a pair of Burning Gauntlets (given to K’Tek), an obsidian serpent pendant worth 650gp (held by Zuri), and a dried yet still effective healing fruit (claimed by Bost). After this, the party runs across another group of deceased Urikites yielding 250gp. Finally, a massacre of over a dozen Urikite scouts and guards is discovered as well as another 350gp. (1300gp)

Session 24: House Kish provides the party with travel supplies including 8 survival days for their journey into the Black Wash. (350gp)

Session 23: The party claims 5 rubies out of the filthy leather pouch of the fallen Anakore King. Upon their arrival at Makla, the famished party immediately spends 48gp on 6 survival days. That evening, 6gp is spent on two rooms at the Obsidian Crown. Before their departure with the morning caravan, another 96gp is spent on 12 survival days. (350gp)

Session 22: The party exchanges the Totemic Warclub claimed off a dead ssurran for 650gp of credit at Rhey’s Apothecary. The credit is then exchanged for 8 healing fruits (two to each party member), 2 gourds of darkness (to Dazeel), and 1 fruit of clarity (to Zuri). The party splits their current banked earnings to a figure of 875gp per party member. Later, the party receives a 500gp (in the form of 5 silver coins) advance from House Kish. The party then spends 1420gp (in credit at House Shom) on a kank and 115 survival days for their long journey to Makla. (500gp) (875gp)

Session 21: 40gp is spent on 10 glow bugs (using House Shom credit) in preparation of the party’s descent into Under-Tyr and their battle with Zalimxan. Dazeel pockets the iron key from the door to Zalimxan’s chamber. (3,500gp)

Session 20:planning the attack on Zalimxan/meditation with Agis (3,500gp)

Session 19:defending Kolkhaz Qarbjanoob from Ssurrans (3,500gp)

Session 18:meeting with the revolutionary council (3,500gp)

Session 17: On the long journey back to Tyr, each member of the party pilfers or otherwise obtains 1d100 dragons along the way which are added to their individual coffers. (3,500gp) (?gp – consult notes)

Session 16: After surviving the ambush of the Altar Skulkers, the party finds 10 silver coins (1,000gp) on the body of Eenga and an additional 500gp on the other Red Chord corpses. (3,500gp)

Session 15: The party recovers 2 gold coins (worth 2,000gp) and 400gp of arcana ritual components from the corpse of the thri-kreen defiler Ko-Tok. (2,000gp)

Session 14: -

Session 13: For their valiant efforts in the Bloodsand Arena each member of the party received 100gp from Two-Bit Grisk and an additional 200gp in tips from grateful gamblers and spectators. (0gp) (300gp)

Session 12: The party spends 5gp to enter Altaruk. At the Four Bits tavern, XGP is spent on hospitality and loosening the lips of the Gulgan soldiers. The next day, the party exchanges their gold coins at the market in order to pay out 717gp per member. (0gp) (717gp)

Session 11: The party recovered 75gp from the slain Night Runners. 65gp is spent on desert supplies purchased from La-Tik the peddler, Zuri foolishly squanders 50gp replacing his lost zatla stash. (3629gp)

Session 10: The party recovered 200gp from the slain Red Chord members in the Mahindrazal. (3669gp)

Session 9: Birel sold the iron poker, 2 jade serpents, silk sack, box w/ amber earrings, marble ring, and wooden painting for a total of 1250gp in Tyrian ceramics. The party used some of its credit with House Shom to purchase a kank and supplies for the journey to Altaruk (500gp for a Kank, 250gp for survival days, 3gp for dust masks, 25gp for glass goggles, 1gp for a zatla pipe). (3469gp)

Session 8: -

Session 7: After heroically defeating a lone Red Chord Tarek outside The Place of Forgetting, the party liberates 2gp and a five-legged kank from the vile slavers. The kank is then “fairly” sold for 100gp to a farmer in Bellinga. In Tyr, while at Rhey‘s Apothecary, 20gp is spent replenishing the party’s glowworm supply and the bottle of ancient healing potion discovered inside The Place of Forgetting is bartered for 2 dune runner’s fruits and 6 healing fruits. Later, a deal is struck with the dwarf Choum exchanging Felix’s sword and the ancient gold-laced staff for 1,300gp of Nibenese ceramic and 10,000gp of credit at the Emporium of House Shom. (2,219gp)

Session 6: The party found 2 small jade serpent symbols in the burial urns of priests of Ningishzida. In the rubble of the kitchen, the players found a 2lb iron poker valued at 1000gp by weight. On the altar of Ningishzida, the players found a silk sack embroidered with birds, a small teak box containing a pair of amber earrings, a badly faded wooden painting of a young man, a black-and-white-streaked marble marriage-ring, a magical blue agafari-wood longbow with the face of a woman carved above the white leather grip, and a mysterious rosy white sword. (837gp)

Session 5: The party found three ancient silver coins (valued at 100gp each) at the bottom of a pit after dispatching a circle of Myconids inside The Place of Forgetting. Then, after another conflict with members of the Red Chord, the party walked away victorious with an additional 300gp and a mysterious gold-laced staff. (837gp)

Session 4: The party discovered 117gp in the bottom of a Chuul pit inside the Place of Forgetting. (237gp)

Session 3: -

Session 2: 40gp is spent on provisions in Bellinga. Later, the party procured 100gp after their battle with the Red Chord. (120gp)

Session 1: The party was presented with an advance of 200gp by the dwarf Choum, a representative of House Shom. 140gp is spent on provisions in Tyr. (60gp)

Note: gp/sp/cp used for convenience. All currency is of course ceramic or precious metal.

Zuri's Coin Purse

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