House Kish

House Kish is one of Urik’s smaller merchant houses. Controlling a single obsidian mine near Makla in the Smoking Crown region, Kish was never a major obsidian producer, but developed a reputation for extracting and crafting very fine quality obsidian.

House Kish has several links and crossovers with the Saltcrosser elf tribe.

Notable members of House Kish:

Keema Kish, a heavyset woman with kohl-rimmed eyes, is one of Kish’s agents in Tyr…and, secretly, one of Tyr’s intelligence assets, reporting to Davith of House Vordon with news about Urik.

Uday Kish, a Urikite with a splendid braided beard, is Kish’s head in Makla.

Sazerak Saltcrosser, an elf, is Uday Kish’s second in Makla.

Emblem: Three black spheres (representing obsidian) of varying sizes on a reddish field (representing magma).
Trade specialties: Fine obsidian, sugar, and salt
Emporium locations: Tyr, Urik, Makla; also, representatives travel to all of the city-states

House Kish

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