Kolkhaz Qarbjanoob

Kolkhaz Qarbjanoob is one of the kolkhazy (collectively owned farms) that have become increasingly common around Tyr in the past year. It is only a bit more than an hour’s walk south of Tyr, set on the site of the former estate of the Prask family. Senator Prask was one of Kalak’s reliable stooges in the Senate, arguing against even the paltry and toothless reform bills put forth by the likes of Senator (Agis of) Asticles. He earned widespread ire when he proposed to slash city funding for the popular gladiatorial games in order to devote more resources to the building of Kalak’s ziggurat. Though unpopular even amongst the nobles, Kalak enacted his proposal. When Kalak was assassinated, Prask and his sons were one of the first nobles arrested, imprisoned, and executed as Kalak loyalists and founders of “ The True”. His estate was distributed to former slaves around ten months ago.

The fields around Qarbjanoob are producing faro; some fields are wild and weedy, as the new collective has not yet been able to maximize their land usage like Prask did with his slave labor. The Prask mansion is a giant burned hulk; the less-damaged part is being used for faro-needle storage. Small mud-brick homes have sprung up like mushrooms in the shadow of the mansion.

Recently, Qarbjanoob was troubled by ssurran raiders, who stole faro and water from the farm and ultimately killed old Bates, one of the ex-slave workers. The Zatla Cowboys came to assist, repelled a ssurran raid, and rooted the ssurrans out of their lair. Bost then spent several days with the farmers, teaching them to use simple bone weapons to defend themselves. This came in handy when the neighboring Beryls attempted to seize the disputed “Fields of Guthay” located between the two estates; the farmers of Qarbjanoob put up a surprisingly robust resistance and repelled the Beryls.

Kolkhaz Qarbjanoob was seen as a leader and bellwether by the other kolkhazy. Qarbjanoob agreed to contribute troops to the war effort once the strike was resolved and the Beryl family dropped their claims to the Fields, and the other kolkhazy followed suit.

Kolkhaz Qarbjanoob

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