Makla is a Urikite town of 700 freemen (and another 500-1000 slaves) which sits in the foothills of the Smoking Crown mountains and near the Lake of Golden Dreams. From Makla, seven obsidian-mine camps sit within a day’s travel (and three more within another day), and as such Makla provides a staging ground for resupplying the mining camps with food, water, tools, and slaves and as a central distribution point for obsidian that comes out of the Smoking Crown mountains. Generally, merchant caravans will arrive in Makla with supplies, sell them to citizens or various mining concerns, and then load up with obsidian to ferry back to Urik (about 4-5 days’ journey away).

The Urikite military has a large presence in Makla, with a garrison of ~100 soldiers who provide security for the town (both patrolling its streets and protecting it from bandits or rival city-states), though at any given time half of them are on patrol somewhere between Makla and the various mining camps. 20 halflings attached to the garrison serve as scouts and slave-trackers. The garrison is commanded by Captain Raqqaq, a cold and effective thri-kreen.

The Obsidian Crown is one of Makla’s finer inns/taverns, popular with templars, captains, sirdars, and wealthy merchants. 3gp/night buys a good room in a nice environment and a pallet in the back room for the slaves.

The Climbing Kank is a much seedier option, serving the caravans that service the village. The crowd is usually almost entirely made up of non-Makla residents, although some of the Makla residents who work closely with the caravans drink here as well. For 5sp/night, a shabby room can be had. The proprietor Grum serves up decent broy, but most of the Climbing Kank’s profits seem to come from the prostitutes who ply their trade there.

The Lavaflow is a tavern frequented by soldiers and ex-soldiers.

The Bloodyfoot mining camp, though only about ten miles from Makla, takes around two days to reach through incredibly rough terrain. The sole mining concern of House Kish, Bloodyfoot produces a modest quantity of high-quality obsidian.

The Cracked Basalt mining camp, one of a few run by House Lubar, was the site of a horrific and fiery massacre of 70 women and children by the Smoking Crown Initiates.


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