The Place of Forgetting

The Place of Forgetting is how the residents of Bellinga (and several other nearby villages, such as Zun) refer to an impossibly ancient temple to a dead god that lies hidden amongst the mountains northeast of Tyr. King Kalak never learned of its existence or he surely would have sent a force to destroy it, erasing the memory of the old gods so that only the memories of sorcerer-kings existed.

Reachable by travelling a half a day to the west from Bellinga and finding the place “where the breath of the Dragon scours the black earth”, the Place of Forgetting has become a place of pilgrimage for the peoples of this area. When they want to forget something, they will undertake the dangerous journey to its altar and lay a symbol of their pain upon it. As the old gods were forgotten and died, they say, so will whatever is placed on the altar be forgotten and fade away. There are many local legends about the Place of Forgetting, among them:

It is a dangerous journey, however, because since the power of the god protecting his temple has faded, dangerous monsters are free to take up residence there.

Felix journeyed to the Place of Forgetting to lay the sword he dug from the earth upon its altar.

The player characters arrived at the Place of Forgetting on 8 Sorrow, camped outside, and penetrated the sandstorm protecting it on 9 Sorrow.

The Place of Forgetting

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